Our Achievements
7/10 students from same class in year 2015 cleared the written test of A.M.U.
To provide Value-Based and True Education with modern teaching techniques and methods supported by professionally qualified and trained teacher.

About Us

Blooming Buds Co. Ed. School is the leading and value based educational institution with around 700 students studying in the school.

From Managing Director's desk

Blooming Buds Co. Ed. School, Joya Road, Sambhal. Distt. Moradabad, Is owned and managed by 'CANNY WELFARE SOCIETY'.

It is an Educational Institution with a distinct characteristic of providing Value-Based Education to the people of the town of Sambhal and to the people dwelling in the neighboring vicinities; irrespective of Caste, Colour, or Creed. The times have changed as they always do, but the Ambition, Mission and the Vision of the School remain unchanged. The school has stood the trying test of time by braving the desperation of many a disturbance during its long journey of fifteen years. The school has relentlessly engaged itself in the task of nurturing the young mind with personal attention towards each and every child in building them up into Honest, Loyal, Responsible citizen and preparing them for this life and for the life to come.

One of the most important tasks for the school, however, is to keep up the excellent academic standard in the face of changing cultural, political and religious realities and at the same time to make them relevant to their environment. All the greatly requires determined and united efforts by the Management and the Dedicated, Devoted and Diligent involvement of the staff and students.

We must keep reminding ourselves that this school was established solely with the exclusive Aim of imparting Value-Based Education among the rural masses of our area. There is always a danger for Educational Institutions to develop a sense of complacency by taking pride in the glorious past and spending all its energy in maintaining status quo. This would certainly endeavour to respond to the needs in the changing context of globalization, individualism and professionalism without compromising with the basic human values. The Journey before us is long and the path difficult. Yet, we strive to proceed towards reposing our complete trust in God. May God continue to bless our School and use us a powerful instrument to empower His Children.

Ushering young boys and girls through the corridors of life in times of great speed is not an easy job, and all the more, when future career is at state. But, I wish to assure all that first of all we shall identify the challenges of the present age and explore possibilities of the future, thereafter follow up by Restructuring, Renewing, Realigning and Revitalizing issues under this Movement of Education for a Relevant, Effective and Meaningful catering to the academic community in our context.

Our vision remains to make education people oriented, to put the same abstract differently. It is to make education move outside the four walls of Blooming Buds. Co. Ed. School campus consequently reaching out to relate to the masses.

We believe in Planning, Organizing, directing, Staffing, coordinating, reporting, and Budgeting, but we completely rely on him for execution of all that is stated above.

In God we lay our trust as we hereby invite to usher one and all.

Here at Blooming Buds Co. Ed. School we teach our students to add life to their years and years to their life.
God bless you all.

Fakhurul Islam (Adv.)
Managing Director

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